Zometools Creator 3 Kit

Zometools Creator 3 Kit
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The ZomeTool Creator 3 Kit contains 738 parts housed in a multi-compartment clear plastic case with step-by-step instructions.

The Zome Creator 3 Zome Kit can build highly complex models; from a "squashed" icosahedron, to a house, a flower, or a mathematically correct shadow of a 4-D cube. 738 Parts: 180 white nodes, 90 each of 3 lengths blue struts, 60 each of 3 lengths yellow struts, and 36 each of 3 lengths red struts. Concise color instruction booklet, with models, bubble recipe, and more. This zometool kit comes packaged in a sturdy clear plastic case with multiple compartments for sorting and storing parts.

Discover the beauty of mathematics and geometry and explore the structure of space by building hundreds of models from simple to profound.

Zometool bridges nature, math, science, art and architecture; this Creator 3 kit has three times as many parts as ZomeTool Creator Kit 1 which means a giant leap forward in the complexity available in the Zometool universe.

Build incredible projections from hyperspace, molecular structures and much more!