Marpac Dohm-DS Tan

Marpac Dohm-DS Tan
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Most Popular White Noise Machine - Dohm DS

Our top pick among all white noise machines is the Dohm DS (formerly known as the Sleepmate 980) which is assembled in the USA by Marpac and uses an actual motor and an enclosed fan to create a fan-like white noise. DS stands for double speed which simply means that the Dohm DS has a motor that operates at two speeds (high and low).

In our years of selling white noise machines, the Dohm has proven to be the most popular choice with the lowest rate of returns. Another advantage of the Dohm model is that it does not loop (to loop means - to play a short segment of sound over and over) like most other machines. Getting a sound device that doesn't loop is really important. If you can detect a repetitive quality in the sound (such as a chirp that repeats over and over with regularity), then that can be as annoying as the sound you are trying to mask. Again, the Marpac Dohm is one of the few machines on the market that doesn't loop.

The main drawback with the Dohm DS is that it simply does not go to a really high volume. If you want the ability to play at higher volume, our top suggestion is for you to try an electronic white noise machine like the highly rated Sound Oasis S-650. Unlike the Dohm DS, the Sound Oasis S-650 produces a lot of different sounds and plays them through what we consider a good speaker when compared to other brands and models, resulting in one of the better electronic units that produces crisp clean sounds with high fidelity at higher volumes.