Sacred Geometry Explorations

Sacred Geometry Explorations
Introduction It seems that we are participants in an ongoing revolution. A revolution so completely subtle that I can only just begin to articulate it’s broad patterns.

I have a dear friend, who among other things is a superb numerologist. When Barbara does a reading for someone it is a joy to watch and feel the number patterns of the universe go flying about.

Well about 15 years ago, while my numbers were flying about, she said, “You are not going to believe me, you may never believe me, however your power lies in the fact that you are a revolutionary. You will not use guns, you might not even use the pen, and the revolution will be accomplished.”

My reaction to that was a typical “Yah right Barbara?” I know this is a rather odd introduction and if you stick with me you just might discover that, Barbara was not just right about me, she was right about each one of us.

For over 40 years I have joyously explored Science and Spirituality. This has caused numerous interesting difficulties. Our culture has little use for a scientist that is too spiritual or a religious leader that is too scientific.

My personal experience tells me that we have been dropped into the middle of a paradigm shift that requires the synthesis of Science and Spirituality. We are questioning and replacing our most basic assumptions about this reality every day.

Once while working on a “purpose process” I was asked to simplify my life’s purpose into one sentence. So I geared up my best sacred geometric quantum holographic thinking and I wrote, “I am out to change the world by changing my own mind!”

Talk about delusions of grandeur and sheer arrogance. Crinkle up paper toss in trash. End of “purpose process.” Then I took another look at that crinkled paper. I no longer saw arrogance. I saw a simple truth that had eluded me. To be a revolutionary I no longer had to convince anyone of anything. If this reality is truly put together in a sacred geometric, quantum holographic way my greatest power lies in my own transformation.

So in the spirit of self-transformation I’d like to share a few ideas, observations, and experiences regarding this particular paradigm shift.

In my experience everything in this reality has its roots deep within Scared Geometry. But Sacred Geometry is such a broad subject that to claim any kind of expertise is in one sense untruthful and yet in another sense is completely sincere.

Now if you get the feeling that that last sentence was cryptic and just for the initiated you are not alone. For somewhere along the line we were told that science (or substitute spirituality) was difficult and only for a gifted few.

Universe (substitute God, Love, The Whole Enchilada . . .) is completely available to everyone. The pathways to Universe are infinite. The pathways we intend to explore here are generally sacred geometric quantum holographic in nature and are the trails that fascinate me the most. Enjoy!