Experiential Play

Experiential Play
Play, or what I like to call experiential sacred play, is a way of moving in the world that opens the doors to this reality and that which lies beyond. It creates a conscious space of curiosity, openness, and acceptance where there is no threat, no fear, and no shame - - - only exploration.

Do you remember pre-school or kindergarten? When it was ok to try on as many “hats” as one desired in just an afternoon. To cut, paste, color, and dream were all that was required. The opportunity to play at being whatever you wished was essential.

Working at anything without an attitude of play leads to stifled creativity and burnout. I am personally unable to support anyone or anything that does not align in some coherent way with my personal vision. My spirit withers whenever I disregard that internal wisdom.

I employ sacred play in my workshops because it creates a safe space for everyone to try on ideas as easy as we once tried on those long ago “hats”. Those of us steeped in the traditions of hard science or spirituality can find common ground. Beauty, trust, and inspiration are key components of this type of exploration. To demand any kind of agreement with argument, convincing, or other form of coercion diminishes the process.

The precise terminology used in any particular discipline or tradition is generally unique and exclusive. Bridges of meaning are built when we examine some of the specific words associated with any particular “…----ology” or spiritual tradition.

Experiential play creates a new place to stand while we explore, that which is unfamiliar. No tests, note taking, or special requirements are necessary. Fear of mathematics, science, or internal spirituality does not even come up when that inner child is fully engaged.

Sacred play also addresses another key component in this process of exploration. The idea that facilitated learning evolves triggering an internal knowing rather than a pouring in of information. In my experience the details of the holographic metaphor of universe helps to explain this phenomena. An example would be building, playing with, or looking at the five platonic solids. All of the art, toys, and clothing on my website are keyed to tap in to this process of internal knowing.

Learning becomes easy and non stressful, no matter what the type of information being conveyed through experiential sacred play. As we move further along this path of exploration, your own experience of play will hopefully be enhanced.

To be continued . . .