Dampp Chaser Dehumidifier Rods

Dampp Chaser Dehumidifier Rods

Dampp Chaser Dehumidifier Rods

How the Dampp Chaser Dehumidifier Rod Works:

Have you ever come back from a vacation to find your closet full of mold, mildew or green fuzz? A closed space in a humid environment creates the perfect growing conditions for mold. The Dampp Chaser Closet Dehumidifier Rod is a simple electrical heating rod that is mounted in the lower part of a closet, pantry or other enclosed space usually on the baseboard using the included brackets. The Dampp Chaser rods rely on the fact that as air is warmed slightly, it can hold more water, therefore its relative humidity goes down. These drying rods also warm, dry and circulate air in your confined storage space with a process of convection that continually but gently moves the air in the enclosed space. As the air is warmed, its relative humidity decreases and it becomes lighter and less dense so it rises to the upper section of the enclosed space. At the same time, cooler, denser, moist air sinks to the bottom where it is warmed again in a continuous cycle to keep your stored valuables protected from the ravages of moisture and humidity such as mold and mildew. The slight warming and drying of the air by the Dampp Chaser lowers its relative humidity and combined with the gentle circulation of the drier air; results in just the conditions you need to discourage mold growth. Just be sure to leave the Dampp Chaser on during the moist seasons. Electrical use is very low. For a small cost, you can be assured of mold-free clothing and easier breathing.

Dampp Chaser Rods Come in four sizes with different lengths and wattages:
18" Dampp Chaser - 12 Watts - Works well in 3'x3'x8' closets
24" Dampp Chaser - 15 Watts - Works well in 4'x3'x8' closets
36" Dampp Chaser - 25 Watts - Works well in 4'x6'x8' closets
48" Dampp Chaser - 35 Watts - Works well in 5'x8'x8' closets

How to choose the correct wattage of Dampp Chaser Dehumidifier Rod:
To protect your enclosed space and stop mold growth, the Dampp Chaser folks suggest you will need approximately 1 watt per 10 cubic feet of enclosed space. You can find the cubic feet of your closet by multiplying the width x depth x height in feet. For example, if your area is 8 ft wide 5 ft deep and 8ft tall; it would be 320 cubic feet, you will need 32 watts so the 48" model producing 35 watts would be the best choice or if space doesn't allow the 48" rod, you could acheive the 32 watts by using one 36" and one 18".

Use the the Dampp Chaser Dehumidifier rods to keep food in your pantry protected from humidity and the resulting mold. Use them in linen closets to keep your sheets and towels free of mold and smelling fresh. These rods work in basements to protect your tools from damaging humidity and in rental storage units to protect your stored belongings from the ravages of excess moisture, mold and mildew.

The Dampp Chaser folks have been making Dehumidifier Drying Rods in the USA since 1947. They started out protecting pianos from the damages of changing humidity. These rods are a component in that piano drying system in addition to being used for closets, storage rooms, boats and RVs.

The USA Made Dampp Chaser rods come with a 10 year warranty. Our experiences have been very good with the people at Dampp Chaser in providing superior customer service, quickly and professionally repairing or replacing any defective unit.

36" Dampp Chaser Rod
MSRP: $49.95
Sale price: $39.95
48" Dampp Chaser Rod
MSRP: $69.95
Sale price: $59.95