36" Dampp Chaser Rod

36" Dampp Chaser Rod
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25 watts, UL Listed
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The 36" Dampp Chaser Rod is proudly Made in the USA. This drying rod stops dampness, mold, mildew, musty odors and rust from forming in closets, basements, enclosed storage spaces, boats and RVs by heating the air resulting in lower relative humidity and dryer closets.

Check out the different sizes of Damp Chaser Dehumidify Closet Drying Rods we have available and how to size and use them.

Mold requires moisture and high humidity to grow. Dampp Chaser rods can Stop Mold in a Closet or any other enclosed storage space by raising the relative humidity and depriving the mold of its necessary moisture.

Economical: Uses very small amount of electricity, 25 watts for the 36" dehumidifier dryer rod.

Positioned near the floor, the Damp Chaser dehumidify rod uses mild heat to warm, dry and gently circulate air in closets, thereby reducing humidity.