White Noise Machines

White Noise Machines

White Noise Machines

White Noise Machines refers to a class of appliances that are usually employed to block out or mask annoying sounds in our environment such as that created by neighbors arguing, playing their TV at too high a volume or just the general bustle of activity in a city that can create annoying and distracting noises. These noises in your environment can sometimes be blocked out by using a white noise machine to overwhelm the offending noise with a more pleasant sound of your own choosing. The white noise sound generated by these machines usually consists of all sound frequencies occurring at the same time. This white noise will sound kind of like wind, rain, ocean or a mechanical sound like that produced by a motor or fan. The effect of this jumble of sound waves is that some sound waves get canceled and others get obscured, making the offending sound indistinct and therefore less obtrusive.

Sometimes the problem isn't too much noise but near total silence. Sometimes it is just too quiet which in some people can result in difficulty falling asleep. You have probably seen this phenomenon in action by noticing how a baby can have trouble falling asleep if it is really quiet but if a fan, vacuum or car motor is running, the baby falls asleep easily. It is generally best to play your sound machine at the lowest volume possible; save the higher volume for really loud noises that you can't remedy any other way. By playing a soft sound from a white noise machine, you can give your mind something unobtrusive to focus on and this can result in deeper relaxation and quicker sleep.

Most Popular White Noise Machine - Dohm DS

Our top pick among all models is the Dohm DS which is assembled in the USA by Marpac and uses an actual motor to create a fan-like white noise. In our years of selling white noise machines, the Dohm has proven to be the most popular choice with the lowest rate of returns. Another advantage of the Dohm model is that it does not loop (loop means - to play a short segment of sound over and over) like most other machines. Getting a sound device that doesn't loop is really important. If you can detect a repetitive quality in the sound (such as a chirp that repeats over and over every 5 seconds), then that can be as annoying as the sound you are trying to mask. Again, the Dohm is one of the few machines on the market that doesn't loop.

The main drawback with the Dohm DS is that it simply does not go to a super high volume. If you want the ability to play at higher volume, our top suggestion is for you to try the highly rated Sound Oasis S-650. Unlike the Dohm DS, the Sound Oasis S-650 produces a lot of different sounds and plays them through what we consider a superior speaker when compared to other brands and models, resulting in one of the better electronic units that produces crisp clean sounds with high fidelity at higher volumes.

Do you love the sounds of nature like flowing water, lapping waves and the chirp of birds, crickets and other wildlife? If so, you might want to investigate the Marsona 1288A Nature Sound Machine which I think has features that set it apart in this category of white noise machines such as your ability to select and overlay a variety of nature sounds. For instance, the 1288 allows you to play a continuous lakeshore and then add other sounds of your choosing such as loons frogs and crickets.

Dohm DS by Marpac Closeout Sale
Our top recommendation if you are looking for a sound machine that produces a fan like sound.
Regular price :  $69.95
SALE PRICE :  $49.95
Marpac Dohm SS Going Out of Business Sale
This is the single speed version of the popular two speed Dohm DS Sound Machine.
Regular price :  $59.95
SALE PRICE :  $44.95
Sound Oasis
Sound Oasis is a world leader in Sleep Sound systems. They use the very latest technology to help you sleep and relax better for a healthier and more enjoyable life.
Nature Sound Machine Marsona 1288A Made in USA
This machine is my personal favorite. I like to customize the lakeshore sound overlaid with an occasional mourning dove, frog or loon with gentle crickets all played at very low volume.
Regular price :  $130.00
SALE PRICE :  $79.95
Baby Sleep Aid - LifeSounds 440
LifeSounds Baby Sleep Aid was designed to comfort infants and small children with a unique selection of natural sounds. OUT OF STOCK
Regular price :  $80.00
SALE PRICE :  $72.95
White Noise Generator TSC-330 by Marpac
This model of white noise generator produces clean white noise sounds emulating rain, waterfall or surf. Out of stock.
Regular price :  $79.95
SALE PRICE :  $49.95
Favorite Soothing Sounds Machine - Marsona DS-600A
A collection of the most requested soothing sounds. Battery or AC operable. Comes in an International model.
Regular price :  $100.00
SALE PRICE :  $94.95
Marpac International 240 Volt Models
These models are able to run on the 240 volt power supplies found in many countries around the world. Some have switchable power allowing use with both 120 volt (USA) and 240 volt.
Mindfold Sleep Mask
This high quality sleep mask helps you shut out distractions and is a good compliment to relaxing sounds. Out of stock.
Regular price :  $20.00
SALE PRICE :  $18.95
FaceDown Pillows ComfyRest and SquidFace
A strange looking pillow, but well-designed for versatility and comfort. The round head rest has mesh channels that allow air flow when the pillow is used for facedown massage, sleep, or sunbathing.
Sleepmate by Marpac
Buy the Sleepmate by Marpac which has been renamed the Dohm.