White Noise Rain Marpac TSC-330

White Noise Rain Marpac TSC-330
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White Noise Rain, Wave and Waterfall
White Noise Rain Machine TSC-330 by Marpac

The White Noise Rain, Wave and Waterfall Machine TSC-330 by Marpac generates, as the name implies, simple rain, wave and waterfall white noise that is played electronically through a speaker. We like the TSC-330 White Noise Rain Machine since the sound it produces does not loop. Looping in a White Noise Rain Machine refers to a short segment of recorded sound repeating over and over. If you listen to most other brands of white noise rain machine you will notice looping. The TSC-330 White Noise Rain doesn't loop - it creates the rain sound.

The White Noise Rain sound produced by the Marpac TSC-330 White Noise Rain Machine is ideal for the person on the move, helping to create a familiar comforting natural sound environment while at home or away. The TSC-330 White Noise Rain, Wave and Waterfall Machine is compact and lightweight yet offers the noise masking capabilities of a full sized white noise rain machine. This white noise rair, wave and waterfall machine utilizes solid state technology to generate white noise emulating Rain, Waterfall or Waves & Surf to effectively mask unwanted sounds and noise.

Features of the TSC-330 White Noise Rain Machine:

Solid State Electronics

Small size (5"x4"x2") makes it perfect for travel.

Travel Pouch Included

Simple Slide Controls

Compact and Lightweight for Travel

Adjustable Rain, Waterfall and Wave Settings

Three Inch Speaker

Comes with AC Adapter (can be made portable with the Marsona battery pack - not included

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White Noise Rain Marpac TSC-330
Regular price :  $80.00
SALE PRICE :  $75.95
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