USA Made Hoses

USA Made Hoses

High Quality USA Made Hoses

These are the highest quality garden hoses, sprayers and watering accessories available. Our philosophy in presenting only the highest quality garden watering implements is simple: A quality product may cost more but it will outlast many generations of cheap junk and provide much better service resulting in higher satisfaction and actually prove cheaper in the long run.

Water Right Safer Drinking Coiled Hoses

The new line of Safer Drinking Water Coil Hoses from Water Right are U.S. made and use only top quality, lower contaminant, food grade Ether-based Polyurethane. Keep in mind that when we say a hose is "Drinking Water Safe", we mean it delivers water with less contaminants than other cheaper hoses. No hose can deliver water that is absolutely free of contaminants. Why is this important? It's because cheap hoses that are made from significantly lower cost compounds such as ester based Polyurethanes and PVC fillers produce a lot of contaminant compounds that are not safe to drink. These cheaper hoses will fail within a relatively short time with cracking, hydrolysis, splitting and ultimately hose failure usually following within a matter of months. Ether-based products will generally last for 5-10 years or more. Chemical manufacturers say that "This data comes from detailed lab testing results provided by independent plastic tubing manufacturers and chemical compound manufacturers such as Dow Chemical, BF Goodrich and others."

Water Flexeel Straight Hoses

Water FLEXEEL is the most flexible, lightweight, durable reinforced hose available. Simply the best water hose on the market. Water FLEXEEL maneuvers effortlessly, and with its superior flexibility it is the best choice for hose reels. Like all the hoses we offer, it is Quality Made in the USA.

Dramm Hose Sprayers

We offer quality U.S. made Dramm watering wands, sprayers, sprinklers and hose end accessories. Dramm has been making professional quality watering tools since the 1940s but they are mostly known only to the professional market. All Dramm products come with a lifetime warranty.

West County Gloves

West County builds the worlds best gardening work gloves with the experience that goes into hi-tech professional performance clothing, emphasizing a fit that's snug and stays that way. Better than traditional cotton, leather, or rubber, the hi-tech synthetic fabrics can be washed and dried repeatedly without getting stiff. They stay supple without the use of softeners. West County Gloves provide durability that outlasts the competition.

Swiss Watering Cans by Dramm

Last but not least we offer quality Swiss made Dramm watering cans. These cans are made from thick high quality plastic that can provide a lifetime of superior service without corrosion.