Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Here is a selection of special products we have come across over the years that can make unique and thoughtful gifts. We have personally used each of these gift ideas and been impressed with the quality and uniqueness. Most of these gift ideas are rather hard to find which means that they are ideal for presenting as a unique and thoughtful gift for that special someone. If you are looking for an unique gift for yourself or for a friend and you or your friend like geology, rock collecting or just beautiful rocks, I would highly recommend looking into one of our favorites, Soaprocks by T.S. Pink.

Soaprocks by T. S. Pink

The T.S. Pink Soaprocks like the Azurite Malachite Soaprock are one of our favorite items to give as a gift. They are handmade in the U.S.A. with great care and each one is a unique and beautiful experience. It seems that everyone has their own favorite Soaprock, but mine is the Opal Soaprock; I am amazed how they created the beautiful opalescence of a real opal.

Microfiber Towels by McNett

Microfiber is the miracle material that items like the Shamwow is made from; naturally it makes a great towel because it can sop up so much water - wring dry - and sop up more. The only problem with microfiber towels is that they are slightly hydrophobic; meaning that until they get slightly damp they resist absorbing water. What we have found is that McNett Microfiber towels become softer and more absorbent with use. These McNett Microfiber Towels come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Auric Blends Natural Perfumes

Auric Blends makes its perfumes from natural essential oils instead of synthetically manufactured chemicals. Auric Blends Temple Essence Perfume Solids are made from pure coconut oil, beeswax and unique perfume blends combined in a unique hand-carved soapstone container that results in a richly sensuous perfume solid. The little known Temple Essence Perfume Solids make a great little gift that will surprise and delight your friends. Comes in a large assortment of delicate scents and the unique hand-made carved soapstone container makes each Auric Blends Temple Essence Perfume Solid a little different from its neighbor.

Lavilin Hypoallergenic Deodorants and Moisturizers

My wife is a redhead with extremely sensitive skin and she has been using Lavilin Deodorant for years. She loves Lavilin and will use nothing else. Aqualin Moisturizer is another pure hypoallergenic product for sensitive skin brought to you by the makers of Lavilin. If you like the quality, purity and effectiveness of Lavilin, you might want to give Aqualin Hypoallergenic Moisturizer a try.

Another product that we personally use and have given as a gift is the Big 40 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Klean Kanteen that we just love. It is superior to other plastic and metal water bottles and is designed to last a lifetime. This Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle will make an especially thoughtful gift.

Uncle Bill's Tweezers

This small tweezers fits onto your keyring so it is always handy. I always carry an Uncle Bill's on my keyring; you never know when you will get a tiny prickle that is barely visible; the fine point on the Uncle Bill's Tweezers will come to the rescue. A great gift idea for a woodworker.