Temple Essence Perfume Solids by Auric Blends

Temple Essence Perfume Solids by Auric Blends
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Temple Essence Perfume Solids
by Auric Blends

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Specially blended fragrances in a beeswax and coconut oil base. Each Auric Blends Temple Essence perfume solid comes in its own unique hand carved soapstone container - no two are identical.

We suggest you buy several to spread the cost of shipping. Auric Blends Temple Essence Perfume Solids make special and thoughtful gifts.

Pure coconut oil, beeswax and unique perfume essences are blended together and filled into hand-carved soapstone containers to create a richly sensuous product. These beautiful Temple Essence hand carved soapstone perfume solids come in a large selection of delicate and delightful fragrances. About .22 ounces of creamy perfume in each of these Auric Blends Temple Essence Perfume Solids.


A sweet, flirty and fun fragrance with notes of black cherry and vanilla.

Black Coconut:

A simple blend of 100% coconut. Sweet, warm and inviting.

Dark Opium:

Exotic and slightly spicy, dries down to a warm and smooth aroma with touches of vanilla and patchouli.

Eastern Sandalwood:

Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood blended with golden amber and light green leafy notes.

Egyptian Goddess (formerly named Sutra Musk):

Seductive and soft, this fragrance blends musk with soft floral notes and powder.

Golden Vanilla:

A sweet vanilla supported by musk, muguet and light fruity touches at the top.

Himalayan Musk:

Musky florals and hints of green meld with white sandalwood and pale amber.

Indo Patchouly:

An essential oil from Indonesia, Patchouly is deep, luxurious and earthy.

Kashmir Rose:

Arabian rose blended with traditional rose for a pure aroma of rose.


A touch of our Egyptian Goddess combined with white amber, white musk and woods.

Monsoon Rain:

White musk and woods blend with a floral mix touched with hyacinth and hints of green.

Royal Amber:

Rich, spicy, warm and sweet. Smooth, rich and intoxicating, amber is one of the hardest fragrances to describe.

Starr Jasmine:

Jasmine, fresh muguet and soft florals touched by green and sparkling top notes. Sandalwood added to round out the base.

White Gardenia:

Gardenia supported by soft florals, creamy musk and sandalwood.

Temple Essence Perfume Solids can be applied anywhere Auric Blends perfume oil would be worn. Temple Essence is comfortable to wear and provides long lasting fragrance.

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