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Sound Oasis has become a leader in world of advanced natural sleep sound machines using state of the art sleep science. The Sound Oasis Sleep Sound machines have quickly established a reputation for incorporating the latest technology and innovations in their sleep sound machines. Featuring clinically proven sleep sounds from scientists and doctors working in the field of sleep science, the Sound Oasis machines incorporate real nature sounds to block out irritating noises, help prevent and ease the problems associated with tinnitus and create a soothing sleep atmosphere so you can relax and fall asleep better. These sound machines can help you get higher quality sleep, enhance your focus and concentration, and feel more alert and comfortable throughout the day.

The Sound Oasis Deluxe S-3000 Advanced Therapy Sleep Sound system is the most advanced sleep sound machine in the world. The S-3000 Sleep Sound combines quality, high fidelity sounds, sub-woofer stereo and an exceptional selection of natural sleep sounds along with clock radio features.

The Sound Oasis Sleep Sound S-550-05 uses the Sound Oasis sound card technology which allows you to change sound themes by simply plugging in a new memory card containing six new and different sleep sounds. So, if you decide you would like a whole new array of different sleep sounds, just change the card.

With seventeen digitally recorded sounds, an patented jet-lag reduction sound system, dual time display and a handy voice memo feature the Sound Oasis Portable Travel Sleep Sound S-850 makes an excellent travel companion. The AC Adapter comes with four different plug configurations to fit most sockets you might come across when traveling around the world.

For a more traditional solution to your sleep sound and relaxation needs you might want to check out the Marpac Sleep Mate 980A Dohm with its soothing fan-like sound, but if you prefer digitally reproduced sounds the Sound Oasis Sleep Sound machines are our number one choice.

Sound Oasis Deluxe Sleep Sounds S-3000
The S-3000 has just about every feature imaginable. High fidelity sounds with clock radio and stereo speakers with woofer quality sound. OUT OF STOCK
Regular price :  $179.95
SALE PRICE :  $159.95
Sound Oasis S-650-01 including Extra Sound Card SC-300-03
Large number of high quality sounds played through a superior speaker. The backlit alarm clock allows you to awake to an alarm or any sound.
Regular price :  $115.00
SALE PRICE :  $69.95
Soothing Sounds Sound Oasis S-850
Travel friendly white noise machine with digitally recorded sounds, a special jet-lag sound, dual time display and a voice memo feature. The AC Adapter comes with four plugs to fit most sockets when traveling.
Regular price :  $99.95
SALE PRICE :  $69.95
Sound Oasis S-550-05 Sleep Sound Machine
High quality speaker along with simple operation and the expandability of sound cards.
Regular price :  $69.95
SALE PRICE :  $49.95
Sleep Therapy Sound Oasis Stereo Speaker Pillow
The Sleep Therapy Pillow is a comfortable standard size pillow featuring two thin stereo speakers buried deep inside.
Regular price :  $59.95
SALE PRICE :  $29.95
Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers by Sound Oasis
Use your own pillow with these thin stereo speakers.
SALE PRICE :  $19.95
Nature Sound Oasis Therapy Relaxation System S-550-04
Discontinued. Out of stock.
Regular price :  $69.95
SALE PRICE :  $49.95