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Sound Machines

Nature Sound Machines

Do you love the sounds of nature like flowing water, lapping waves and the chirp of birds, crickets and other wildlife? If so, you might want to investigate the Marsona 1288A Nature Sound Machine which I think has features that set it apart in this category of white noise machines such as your ability to select and overlay a variety of nature sounds. For instance, the 1288 allows you to play a continuous lakeshore and then add other sounds of your choosing such as loons frogs and crickets.

Recommended Sound Machines

We sell a wide variety of Nature Sound Machines meant to provide sleeping relief and noise masking for different situations and environments. We will start out trying to provide some information for you to get a feel for how the various models of Nature Sound Machines compare and how to chose the best model for your use. What is the purpose of these devices and how do the work? What features are important? First, I divide the broad array of sound machines into two categories: Sound Generators and Players. A generator, as the name implies, produces or generates its own true sounds either electronically or mechanically. A player, as the name suggests, plays a sample of recorded sound over and over in a fashion so as to sound like a continuous recording. Almost all electronic sound machines are this type of player which isn't necessarily bad if the sound loop is done well. There are only two sound machines that truly generate their own sound: the Marpac Dohm DS and the TSC-330 White Noise Generator. Both of these Marpac models are assembled in the USA and generate a true white noise. The Dohm produces its tone with a motor while the TSC-330 generates its sounds electronically to resemble a rain-like white noise which can be modified to sound like a waterfall and then modified again to sound like ocean surf.

Nature Sound Machines by Sound Oasis

The player type of Sound Machine includes almost all the rest of electronic type of models. There are so many of this variety of device that I will restrict the discussion only to those models that I think possess qualities that set them apart. Among the electronic sound machines, we rate the models from Sound Oasis as general best buys with their sweet spot combination of features, quality and price. Although they are made in China, the Sound Oasis units provide a lot of features with good quality sounds and a modest price, in sum they represent a good value. Our response from customers on the Sound Oasis models has been mostly positive with relatively few problems reported.

Marpac Dohm DS

Do you sleep better with the sound of a fan in the background? If so, the Sleepmate 980A now known as the Dohm DS would be your best choice since it generates its tones mechanically with a motor just like a fan, and has a fan-like sound that most people find effective and unobtrusive. In our experience, most customers have found the Dohm DS effective at masking light to medium volume noise. The Marpac White Noise Machines generally produce a slightly cleaner, higher quality tone than most other units but they also cost a little more.

Other Recommended Models

The Homedics Models offer a lot of features for a low price but do suffer some on their quality of sound and construction. While there have been a few quality issues with the Homedics Sound Machines, the Marpac units which are assembled in the U.S.A., and the Sound Oasis machines have proven to be of better quality. Below are more options and models of sound machines we recommend based on our years of experience and reviews and feedback provided by customers.

Dohm DS by Marpac
Our top recommendation if you are looking for a sound machine that produces a fan like sound.
Regular price :  $60.00
SALE PRICE :  $54.95
Marpac Dohm SS Single Speed Sound Machine
This is the single speed version of the popular Dohm Sound Machine.
Regular price :  $50.00
SALE PRICE :  $44.95
Sound Oasis S-650-1
The S-650 is our pick as best electronic sound machine because of a superior speaker and a wider selection of high fidelity sounds.
Regular price :  $115.00
SALE PRICE :  $79.95
A Sound Machine Can Help You Sleep Better
A little more information on sound machines.
Homedics Sleep Sound Machine SS-2000E
Six Digitally Recorded Sounds including heartbeat for soothing babies.
Regular price :  $29.95
SALE PRICE :  $19.95