Homedics Sound Machines

What is a Sound Machine

The term "sound machine" refers to a class of devices that produce sound as a way to mask, cancel or cover up other offending noises. Sound Machines may also be called white noise machines, sleep machines, noise makers, white noise generators or any of a host of permutations of these terms yet they all refer to the same kind of appliance that uses sound as a way to cover, mask or disrupt other noises.

How Does a Sound Machine Work?

Have you noticed that when you are in a crowded room with a lot of background noise it is sometimes hard to hear what someone is saying to you? What you are experiencing is the cancellation and disruption of sound waves by other waveforms leaving the words being spoken to you somewhat hard to understand. This is one aspect of how a sound machine works to mask noise. Another way these machines can help is by giving you a different, more agreeable sound of your choosing to focus on instead of the offending noise. This why so many white noise machines produce pleasant nature sounds like ocean waves or running water or unobtrusive mechanical sounds such as that produced by a fan.

How to Choose a Sound Machine

Do you sometimes find that you fall asleep better if there is a fan or other soft mechanical sound running in the background? If your answer is yes, the Marpac Dohm sound appliances should definitely be your first choice. If you are concerned or dealing with fairly loud noises in your environment, the electronic sound machines from Sound Oasis such as the S-650 Sound Machine may be your best bet since it has a better quality speaker that can maintain good fidelity at higher volume.

Homedics SS-2000E Sound Machine

The Homedics SS-2000E Sound Machine produces 6 different sounds (summer night, ocean waves, rain, waterfall, rainforest and heartbeat). This SS-2000E model is compact and has an AC adapter but will also run on batteries making it portable. The SS-2000E has become a popular model due to its low price, good package of features and decent performance.

Homedics Sound Machine SS-2000E
Six Digitally Recorded Sounds including heartbeat for soothing babies.
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