Sesamee Keyless Locks

Sesamee Keyless Locks

Sesamee and Super Sesamee Locks

All our Sesamee Locks come pre-set with a 0-0-0-0 combination. You can easily re-set your combination to any four digit number that you can always remember; like an address or the last four digits of your SS number. No key to lose. You can also re-set the combination again and again; but I prefer using the same combination on all my re-settable padlocks. We have been using Sesamee locks for years and have been impressed with their quality and ease of use. The all Brass internal mechanism will resist corrosion and give years of dependable service even in harsh conditions.

Sesamee Locks

All the Sesamee padlocks have been designed for sightless operation meaning that the lock can be opened even in complete darkness where you can not see the numbers. When turned in the correct direction, all wheels will stop at zero. Once you have zeroed out the numbers, turn each wheel in order and count the clicks until you reach the number. When you have completed this operation on each of the four numbers the lock should open up.

Once you set the combination on your lock, no one else can change the combination because the padlock must be unlocked to reset. You can also re-set the combination over and over; but I personally prefer using the same combination on all my locks; that way I always can remember the combination. I have personally been using these locks for years and have been impressed with their quality and ease of use, plus the 4 digit combination is easy to remember and use. One of the things I like most about these locks is that the internal mechanism is made of brass so that it will not rust or corrode even with years of harsh outdoor exposure. I can personally attest to the quality construction, durability and ease of use of these padlocks.

Industrial Grade Super Sesamee Keyless Locks

For a much beefier version check out the Industrial Grade Super Sesamee Locks. The Super Tough Locks have a 7/16" Chrome Plated Hardened Molybdenum Steel Shackle that is almost impossible to break. You have to make sure that your application has a 7/16" clearance - many latches do not.

All Sesamee Locks come with these features:
  • Sightless Operation feature
  • No keys to carry, lose or break.
  • All Brass internal mechanisms
  • Built to last a lifetime.
  • Combination can be changed at any time by the owner.
  • Made by CCL a division of Illinois Lock Co.