Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

The new and exciting field of entropic gravity with its sacred geometry implications is yielding new ways to view the underlying nature of the universe. Physicists are using some concepts of sacred geometry to look at possible explanations for how matter is constructed at the most basic level.

There are many great informational sites on Sacred Geometry but it is hard to beat Bruce Rawles Sacred Geometry page. It provides an introduction to the concepts of sacred geometry and proceeds on to the more complex ideas like Fractals and Recursive Geometries. He also publishes a highly recommended Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook which is packed with information and patterns.

Sacred Geometry is considered an informational and geometry system that underlies the fabric of the universe. Many scientists maintain that, "Sacred Geometry holds that the geometry, mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion that we have uncovered in our science and mathematics are also found in music, biology, light and cosmology." Once one becomes familiar with some of the patterns, one is liable to start finding them repeated elsewhere in other disciplines. Sacred geometry may be understood as a world view that posits that there are patterns that underlie the outward manifestation of what we call reality. Feng Shui holds that the Geometry that represents and underpins these basic patterns of reality are considered by many as Sacred. By connecting with these patterns of Sacred Geometry, a believer can contemplate the Great Mysteries, and the Great Design. Insights into the working of the universe may be derived from patterns, forms and their relationships and interconnections, ideas may be gained into the mysteries; the laws and form of the Universe. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has peeked the curiosity of many. Sacred Geometry is such a vast area of exploration that there is no one perfect place to start. We have provided a few tools that we hope may help you in your journey of discovery.

Zometools Geometry sets allow a diversity that can enhance your sacred geometry explorations. Zometools also known as Zome Systems provide a wide range of geometry kits for enhancing your awareness of the sacred geometry aspects of the universe. Speaking of ZomeTools, here is an interesting article showing physicist Garrett Lisi using Zometools to blend physics and sacred geometry to demonstrate his E8 model for his theory of everything.

I use many of these items as hands-on-teaching tools when I facilitate my Sacred Geometric Quantum Holographic Workshops.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui relates to Sacred Geometry in that it is in part an interpretation of the natural world involving geometric positioning of features in the environment.