Orb Factory Toys Special Price

Orb Factory Toys Special Price

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The Orb Factory Kits are manufactured and designed in Canada and have won wide acclaim for their innovative toys, art crafting kits, and educational puzzles. Each Orb Factory Kit is designed with the philosophy that learning should be fun. After all, isn't it obvious that learning will be difficult unless it is fun? If a toy isn't fun, kids are not likely to continue playing with it, therefore they won't learn from it. These kits are designed with the help of educators, parents and children to develop their award winning toys and by using innovative materials designs the philosophy is to increase play-ability for increased learning value. The mission in making these kits is to offer parents an alternative to existing toys by providing innovative kits that make learning fun. All these Orb Factory Kits can be used in either a directed manner whereby the child follows a routine as outlined in a class or in an open ended manner where the child goes where he or she wants in a more creative manner. A combination approach using an open ended style with a little guidance usually works best.

Magnetic Mosaics

Mosaics are pictures or patterns made by placing small colored tiles together, kind of like the current electronic technologies that piece together pictures by placing pixels on a screen, except that the art of mosaics is thousands of years old. The Award winning Orb Factory Magnetic Mosaics and Orb Factory Sticky Jungle Art Kits use non-toxic foam magnets or sticky foam tiles as the mosaic pieces and these mosaic pieces come in a huge variety of colors allowing your child to create pictures or patterns on any receptive surface. These Orb Factory magnetic kits will also work on any steel surface like a filing cabinet or fridge.

Magnetic Dreamings

Orb Factory Magnetic Dreamings is similar to Magnetic Mosaics except it uses small round foam magnets with special templates to guide your child in creating beautiful aboriginal art.

Magnetic Color Cubes and Mosaica by The Orb Factory

Mosaica and Magnetic Color Cubes by the Orb Factory use colorful magnetic pieces to stimulate creativity in pattern building and fitting shapes together to construct new arrangements. Great open ended play perfect for long car trips.

Chocking Hazard - These Orb Factory Toys contain small Parts. Not for use around children under 3.

Magnetic Mosaics Art Kit Mosaic Patterns by Orb Factory
Mosaics are pictures or patterns made by placing small colored tiles together. Mosaic making is a very old art form. Some of the first mosaics were made in ancient Greece around 400 BC. Out of stock.
Regular price :  $35.00
SALE PRICE :  $17.50
Magnetic Dreamings Mosaic Art Kit by The Orb Factory
Dreamings are traditional images and sacred histories of Australia's native people. With Magnetic Dreamings you can create patterns which evoke the ancient art tradition of the Aborigines.
Regular price :  $35.00
SALE PRICE :  $22.50
My Jungle Adventure Sticky Mosaics by The Orb Factory
Award winning Sticky Mosaics Jungle Adventure is great for long car rides.
Regular price :  $30.00
SALE PRICE :  $19.95
Wooden Magnetic Color Cubes by the Orb Factory
Set contains 100 wooden .5" cubes in beautiful lustrous colors to allow the creative mind to flourish.
Regular price :  $25.00
SALE PRICE :  $17.50
Mosaica 64 Tile Pattern Kit from Orb Factory
Using only 64 colorful square tiles, Mosaica will unlock your child's hidden creativity.
Regular price :  $16.00
SALE PRICE :  $9.95
Magnetic Mosaics Metallic by The Orb Factory
Make sparkling mosaics using these metallic foam magnets.
Regular price :  $34.00
SALE PRICE :  $22.50
Educational Puzzles from The Orb Factory
Each magnetic puzzle comes with magnetic puzzle pieces, playing surface, large poster, and educational information.