Metaforms - Sacred Geometry Art

Metaforms - Sacred Geometry Art

These gorgeous hand welded metaphysical sculptures by Gregory Hoag come in either silica bronze or triple plated 24K gold. Metaforms are sacred geometric art sculptures which are precisely composed, 3-dimensional forms that radiate an energetic field which can positively influence your environment and help create a sacred space. Useful in enhancing the ease and depth of meditation.

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From the earliest cultures it was known that the Universe is based on laws which are mathematical and geometric in nature. Metaforms are geometric sculptures which have been designed to bring these archetypal laws into tangible experience in your life. These sacred geometric sculptures can create awareness and empower you in making appropriate choices. Their beauty and perfection can bring peace to your heart and mind. This positive amplification of safe, subtle energy can activate creativity, healing, dreaming, meditation, and relationships.

Metaforms will enhance the subtle energies that affect interior design, landscape, and Feng Shui, making them an elegant treasure for your home or office. More info.

9" Star Tetrahedron in Gold
A Powerful Tool for Merkaba Meditations. Mer=Light, Ka=Spirit, Ba=Body.
Regular price :  $165.00
SALE PRICE :  $154.00
6" Star Tetrahedron in Gold
This is the same as the 9" version, but with 6" sides.
Regular price :  $110.00
SALE PRICE :  $99.00
Metaforms 3-D Star in Gold
This metaform sculpture activates connection with your inner guidance and accelerates your spiritual development.
Regular price :  $410.00
SALE PRICE :  $399.00
Platonic Solids in Bronze (Set of 5)
Only 5 Platonic solids exist in the three dimensional universe. They are building blocks of the Universe.
Regular price :  $308.00
SALE PRICE :  $297.00
12" Cosmic Egg in Gold
All 5 Platonic Solids nested into one form.
Regular price :  $900.00
SALE PRICE :  $889.00
12" Cosmic Egg in Bronze
The tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron nested into one form.
Regular price :  $579.00
SALE PRICE :  $568.00
22" Creative Energizer in Gold
This toroidal array of 30 tetrahedrons with programmed crystal sphere is great for stimulating your ingenuity and intuition in any creative undertaking.
Regular price :  $845.00
SALE PRICE :  $834.00
15" Creative Energizer in Gold
Like the 22" version, birth name and date needed to program crystal.
Regular price :  $745.00
SALE PRICE :  $734.00
13" Adult Soul Star in Gold
An octahedron with a cube suspended inside, surrounded by 6 tetrahedrons which hold a quartz crystal ball.
Regular price :  $435.00
SALE PRICE :  $424.00
Metaforms Catalog
We only carry the above Metaforms in stock, there are many more available for special order. We sell all special orders from the catalog at a 10% discount. Out of stock.
SALE PRICE :  $2.00
6" Star Tetrahedron in Bronze Merkaba Meditation Aid
Out of stock.
Regular price :  $70.00
SALE PRICE :  $59.00
9" Star Tetrahedron in Bronze
SALE PRICE :  $89.00