Marsona White Noise Makers

Marsona White Noise Makers

White Noise Makers

For more information on Marsona White Noise Makers plus additional information on what white noise is, how to use it, and what to look for in good white noise makers.

In our experience, the most popular white noise makers are made by Marsona/Marpac and include the highly rated Sleep Mate 980A or Dohm DS. Note that Marsona has changed the name of the Sleep Mate to the Dohm DS but otherwise these are exactly the same machines. We receive many testimonials from people who have been using the Sleep Mate 980A (now called Dohm DS) white noise makers for years and they are looking for another for replacement or for travel or as a gift to a friend.

The Sleep Mate 980A or Dohm DS White Noise Makers by Marsona produce a clean, pleasant fan like sound of rushing air. The most notable difference between Marsona white noise makers and others is that they don't loop (and by looping we mean playing a short recorded segment of sound over and over). Sleep Mate or Dohm white noise makers don't loop and this is important since if you can detect looping in white noise makers, it can prove to be a real distraction. The Dohm Sleep Mate white noise makers are all quality made in the USA and the superior quality is apparent when compared to models made in China. The Dohm produces its fan-like sound with a small motor. This rushing air sound has proven to be pleasing to most people who try it.

For pure simple electronic white noise makers, we like the Marsona TSC-330 White Noise Makers. They have a very good smooth, constant rain/waterfall setting and a nice variable surf feature. Marsona has done a nice job with the sounds from this white noise maker. Pure white noise is sometimes unpleasantly harsh, so they have modified the sounds from this sound maker to simulate a steady rain or waterfall depending on how much bass or treble you add with the treble-bass slide control. There is also a surf feature that creates a good irregular surf sound which can really help in dealing with irregular sounds in the environment.

The Marsona DS-600 White Noise Maker has the same sounds as the TSC-330 (rain, waterfall & surf) and additional well done nature sounds like lakeshore, country eve and brook. The DS-600 is Champagne in color and comes with an external AC power supply with a 6' cord. It has a one-year limited warranty. This model is made in the USA and is superior in construction to the models made in China. DS-600 features include: Push button operation, LED selection indicators, AC or battery operable (4 AA batteries not included), and 60 minute timer (Use is optional. In other words, the unit will operate continuously if you so choose).

Nature Sound Machine Marsona 1288A Made in USA
This machine is my personal favorite. I like to customize the lakeshore sound overlaid with an occasional mourning dove, frog or loon with gentle crickets all played at very low volume.
Regular price :  $130.00
SALE PRICE :  $79.95
Marsona TSC-330 White Noise Sounds
This machine electronically produces a clean white noise that sounds like a steady rain, steady waterfall or variable surf.
Regular price :  $80.00
SALE PRICE :  $75.95
White Noise Soothing Sounds Marsona DS-600
This model produces a good selection of quality soothing white noise sounds.
Regular price :  $100.00
SALE PRICE :  $89.95
History of the Marpac Sleep Mate 980A Marsona
The 980A is the two speed version of the Sleep Mate line.