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Marpac Noise Machines

Marpac Noise Machines

Click Marpac Noise Machines for more information on what white noise is, how to use it, and what to look for in a sound machine.

The white noise sound machines by Marpac have established a reputation for producing the cleanest, most pleasant sounds along with the highest user satisfaction ratings. The most popular noise machine by far is the Marpac Dohm Noise Machine.

The Marpac sound machines are all Assembled in the USA. All the other brands that I am aware of are made in China and exhibit the characteristic cheap construction. We sell a China made brand (Homedic) and get a relatively high rate of returns. Our return rate on the Sleep Mate Dohm and other Marpac models is very low.

The most popular SleepMate, renamed Dohm DS (double speed) and SS (single speed) models produce sound mechanically (like a fan) - all other models produce their sounds electronically. If you want to mask more distracting noises in a larger space, the electronic models may be your better choice simply because they have a volume control and can go louder.

Our recommendation is the Dohm DS / SleepMate 980 (first selection below). Everyday we have people tell us that they have used their Dohm for 15 to 20 years and couldn't live without it - they have to get another because their noise machine is finally wearing out. See Customer Reviews.

The other Marpac white noise machines listed below all have superior sound and construction to models made in China. They range from the pure white noise generator TSC-330 to a top of the line nature sound machine 1288. The models in between offer various combinations of features.

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Dohm DS by Marpac Closeout Sale
Our top recommendation if you are looking for a sound machine that produces a fan like sound.
Regular price :  $69.95
SALE PRICE :  $49.95
Marpac Dohm SS Going Out of Business Sale
This is the single speed version of the popular two speed Dohm DS Sound Machine.
Regular price :  $59.95
SALE PRICE :  $44.95
White Noise Generator TSC-330 by Marpac
This model of white noise generator produces clean white noise sounds emulating rain, waterfall or surf. Out of stock.
Regular price :  $79.95
SALE PRICE :  $49.95
Nature Sound Machine Marsona 1288A Made in USA
This machine is my personal favorite. I like to customize the lakeshore sound overlaid with an occasional mourning dove, frog or loon with gentle crickets all played at very low volume.
Regular price :  $130.00
SALE PRICE :  $79.95
Baby Sleep Aid - LifeSounds 440
LifeSounds Baby Sleep Aid was designed to comfort infants and small children with a unique selection of natural sounds. OUT OF STOCK
Regular price :  $80.00
SALE PRICE :  $72.95
Favorite Soothing Sounds Machine - Marsona DS-600A
A collection of the most requested soothing sounds. Battery or AC operable. Comes in an International model.
Regular price :  $100.00
SALE PRICE :  $94.95
Marpac International 240 Volt Models
These models are able to run on the 240 volt power supplies found in many countries around the world. Some have switchable power allowing use with both 120 volt (USA) and 240 volt.
Marsona Battery Pack
The Marpac Battery Pack takes 6 "AA" batteries (not included). Out of stock.
SALE PRICE :  $14.95