Dohm DS by Marpac

Dohm DS by Marpac
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Dohm DS by Marpac

The Dohm DS (DS is for double speed) is the number 1 selling sound machine in the world. The Dohm DS is assembled by the Marpac Corporation right here in the USA and therefore exhibits better quality than the units made in China.

Information About the Dohm DS

The Dohm DS white noise machine produces a smooth, unobtrusive fan like sound that the majority of customers have found pleasing and effective at masking low volume noise. If you are having trouble with loud noises that you want to mask, then we would recommend you check out the Sound Oasis S-650 which is for sale here. Another advantage with the Dohm sound machines is that they do not loop like practically every other sound machine on the market. What we mean by looping is the playing and replaying of a short recorded segment of sound over and over in an endless loop; that is how almost every sound machine produces what seems like a continuously playing sound. Don't underestimate how important it is to have a sound machine that doesn't loop, since if you can detect a repetitive quality in the sound, that can prove more annoying than the noise you are trying to mask. The Dohm DS is one of the few machines made that creates its own sound and does not loop. The Dohm is the only machine that physically creates its own real, low volume mechanical hum or fan sound.

In addition to the two speed version of the Dohm DS, you can get the Dohm SS which is the single speed version of the Dohm DS machine. The only difference between the Dohm DS and Dohm SS models is the double speed versus single speed feature. The single speed of the Dohm SS is the same as the higher speed of the Dohm DS. Note: The Dohm DS is exactly the same sound machine as the previous Sleep Mate 980A model, only the name has been changed.

Specifications of the Dohm DS

The Dohm DS Sound Machine plugs into a standard 110-120 volt outlet with its 8' cord, uses 20 watts or less of energy and is UL listed.

Beige in color and cylindrical in shape - size is about 5.75" base diameter, 3.25" high. Weight is about 1.6 lb.

An international 240 volt version of the Dohm DS is available at our
International Marpac Sound Machines

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