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We try to carry quality Home and Garden Products with a special emphasis on finding products Made in the USA, although since so much manufacturing has left the country, sometimes it just isn't possible. Our experience has been that USA made products such as the Dampp Chaser Closet Warming and Drying Rods, Dramm Hose Accessories, Flexeel Hoses and Water Right Hoses are substantially higher in quality than the low quality products from China. It is our philosophy on Home and Garden Products that a higher quality product will last longer and provide better service and ultimately prove cheaper in the long run. Have you ever bought a product at a really low price and then been disappointed that it didn't perform very well or simply fell apart after little use? When searching for high quality home and garden products we look at the durability and customer satisfaction history along with the use of Quality Materials and Components in their manufacture.

"Water Safe" or Low Contaminant Hoses

We have been selling "water safe" hoses for a long time but first let's clarify that no hose is completely contaminant free. Hoses are made from plastic, polyurethanes, rubber or synthetic rubber and in all cases there are some breakdown products that find their way into the water; but some hoses and materials produce a lot of contaminants and some hoses and materials product much less break down products and contaminants. Look for hoses made with food grade, Ether-based Polyurethane like those from U.S. manufacturers like Flexeel and Water Right. Try to avoid hoses from China made with cheaper PVC and Ester-based Polyurethanes.

Another interesting addition for your backyard or garden are the Holographic Mylar ribbon windsocks made by West Coast Designs. These windsocks consist of 51" long ribbons of shimmering holographic mylar that move easily with the slightest breeze and create a colorful, sparkling motion.