White Noise Generators

When we refer to White Noise Generators, we mean machines that actually generate their own white noise instead of just replaying a segment of sound over and over in an endless loop from a recording like almost every other device out there. The only true white noise generators are the Top Selling Dohm DS and TSC-330 White noise generators made by Marpac. The simple fan-like sound produced by the Dohm or the rain/ocean sounds generated by the TSC-330 have proven popular and effective when used to mask distracting noises. As a bonus, they are quality made in the USA. The Marpac Sleepmate has been renamed to the Dohm but it is exactly the same machine. The two speed Sleepmate 980A or Dohm DS (DS for double speed) and single speed Sleepmate 580A or Dohm SS (SS for single speed) White Noise Generators consistently receive the highest reviews and recommendations from our customers.

How White Noise Generators Work

Since a white noise generator produces sound waves at all frequencies, some of those sound waves are going to be out of phase with the offending noise and cancel them out in a process of destructive interference. The more pure the white noise generated, the more likely it is that destructive interference will zero out some of the surrounding noises. the best white noise generators are designed to produce a pure white noise that is the most effective at cancelling sounds. The white noise generators below have been chosen and recommended because they are:

Quality Made: They are all made in the USA and exhibit clearly superior construction to models made elsewhere (particularly China). We sell some Chinese made sound machines and we have been disappointed in their overall quality when compared to these USA Made units.

Do Not Loop: These white noise generators do not loop. By "looping" we mean the playing of a short (typically 5 seconds or less) recorded segment of sound over and over. Almost all machines on the market do loop. With a white noise sound machine that loops, after listening for a while, you can detect the beginning and end of the recorded segment of sound. This can in itself become quite an annoyance. The white noise generators on this page all have in common that they create or generate their own smooth steady sound that does not loop.

Proven Customer Satisfaction: We have sold white noise generators for years and these models have yielded the lowest rate of return and customer problems when compared to other similar models we have sold.

Best White Noise Generator

The most popular model is the Dohm DS White Noise Generator. This model uses a motor to generate its own fan-like rushing air sound that most people find to their liking. The Dohm DS or SleepMate 980A has been around for several years (it used to be sold in retail stores like Pennys and Sears) and has a large loyal following.

Electronic White Noise Generator

The TSC-330 White Noise Generators by Marpac produces their sound electronically through a speaker with volume and tone controls. The TSC-330 produces a clean, pure sound that you can slightly modify with the tone control. By applying more treble the sound can be made to resemble rain and adding bass can make the sound more like a waterfall. There is also a switch that can introduce a surf pattern to the sound for those who want an irregular pattern. We have found that the irregular surf pattern can help with masking irregular noises in the background.

The Sleep-Eze is unique among sound generators in that it operates in-ear like a hearing aid. The Sleep-Eze take a bit more getting used to and we highly recommend that you wear earplugs first so you know if you can tolerate plugs in your ears. We also recommend that you first use the white noise generators like the TSC-330 or SleepMate 980A before trying the Sleep-Eze.

White Noise Generator TSC-330 by Marpac
This model of white noise generator produces clean white noise sounds emulating rain, waterfall or surf. Out of stock.
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