Educational Toys

Educational Toys

Educational Toys and Learning Tools

If you are looking for a toy to give as a gift or even for your own child's development, why not give an educational toy specifically designed to aid some aspect of child learning and development? Learning while having fun; what a great idea. These learning tools have all won awards from educators for combining the two most important qualities a toy can have; being fun and educational.

Geometry Construction Kits

One of the most acclaimed and highly rated educational toys are the Magformers Magnetic Construction Sets by Magnetic City. These educational magnetic tiles easily snap together, making it possible for very young children to construct structures that they otherwise would not be able to anticipate and design. Magformers come in all kinds of shapes and colors to stimulate creativity in magnetic construction. Another learning tool that I just love are the variety of educational geometry kits from Zome tools. The Zometools kits are for older kids with a bent for complex constructions and allow for the building of some truly amazing structures, from simple geometric shapes to complex molecules.

Another great lineup of toys that shouldn't be overlooked are the magnetic and sticky art kits from the Orb Factory. The Orb Factory works with educators, parents and children to develop their line of international award winning kits, which are now sold in many countries. The Orb Factory mission is to offer parents a clear alternative to existing toys through the quality of unique toys that offer artistic, inspiring, and educational content combined with fun. After all, shouldn't learning be fun and if it isn't fun, learning will be difficult. The wire puzzle toys by the Orb Factory can occupy the creative mind of a child for quite a while. The complex wire shapes that morph into other shapes can intrigue an inquisitive mind.

Mirage Hologram Maker

Maybe you have seen the Mirage Hologram Image Maker at a museum or demonstrated in a science classroom but the Mirage truly makes an amazing gift for the child with an inquisitive mind. The hologram created by placing a small object into the Mirage is so authentic that is looks like you can pick up the object but when you try, to your amazement, your fingers pass right through the solid appearing hologram.

Tedco Science Toys

The lineup of Tedco educational science toys includes many old classic reliable toys like gyroscopes and prisms that illustrate important scientific principles as well as newer high tech kits and toys designed to hold a child's interest while imparting a little knowledge with the fun.