Best Sleep Sounds

Best Sleep Sounds

Best Sleep Sound

What exactly is the best sleep sound for your particular needs? Tastes can vary, some like low volume mechanical sounds while others may prefer nature sounds like ocean waves and flowing water sounds which are among the most popular. Many times the most effective sleep sounds such as a pure white noise which sounds a lot like radio static can be somewhat unpleasant. The goal is to find a sleep sound that is effective and still pleasant to fall asleep to.

Let's sift through a few questions to see what is likely to work best for you. Do you like to sleep with the sound of a fan running in the background? Have you found yourself falling asleep better with the low hum of a mechanical device? If so, go to A below.

Do you like or think you would like a large variety of different sleep sounds? Is a lot of good quality sounds an important feature? If you answer yes to these questions go to B below.

Are you looking for a good sleep sound for the lowest price? If price is your number one criteria, we suggest you go to C below.

Would you like a large variety of different sleep sounds at a lower price but really don't want to give up quality in the process? Our suggestion would be to check out D below.

Is having a true white noise generator that doesn't loop an important consideration? By looping, we mean the playing of a short recorded segment of sound over and over in an endless loop. Do you prefer a machine that makes something more akin to true white noise than other sound machines on the market? Then our suggestion would be to check out E below.

Do you really like the sounds of nature; like mountain stream sounds, lake shore sounds and birds, frogs and crickets? If these type of sounds are important, our suggestion would be to check out F below.

A. In our experience, the best sleep sound is produced by the USA Made Dohm or Sleepmate machines made by Marpac. Note that the Sleepmate name has been changed to Dohm but otherwise these are exactly the same machine. The Sleepmate or Dohm is the most popular sleep sound machine on the market for a good reason so this should definitely be your first choice if you like lower volume fan-like sounds.

B. Since you like a large variety of high quality sounds, the Sound Oasis S-650 is likely to be your best choice in sleep sounds. The Sound Oasis S-650 has a mid-range price with a superior speaker and a large variety of the best sleep sounds and would be our recommendation to you.

C. Since price is number one but you still expect a good sleep sound machine, we recommend that you consider the Homedics SS-2000E Sleep Sound Machine. We rate the Homedics SS-2000E as a good balance between performance and price.

D. You want a large variety of the best sleep sounds played through a better speaker than other comparably priced machines so we would recommend the Sound Oasis S-550-05 sleep sounds.

E. If you are looking for a true electronic white noise generator that doesn't loop, then the Marpac TSC-330 white noise sleep sound generator is the only choice that fits your criteria.

F. Since you like realistic nature sounds, the Marsona 1288A Nature Sounds is a good place to start your search for the best sleep sounds. The USA Made Marsona 1288A has an assortment of nature sounds that can be user altered by overlaying additional sounds to, in effect, tailor the sounds to your liking.