Bath and Body

Bath and Body

Unique Bath and Body Discoveries

Over the years, we have found some amazing, unique and effective bath and body products that are sometimes hard to find so we have decided to share them with others by making them available in our store.

Soaprocks Made in the USA by T.S. Pink

If you have never seen Soaprocks in person and are fascinated by minerals, crystals and rock specimens like I am, then you are in for a treat when you discover the Soaprocks made by the T.S. Pink company right here in the USA. These Rocks made of Soap are stunning with different colors and opacity used in the soaps from which they are created. The end results are colorful and beautiful soaprocks that you will be proud to give as gifts or display in your own bath.

Auric Blends Perfume Oils

Have you ever passed by someone and been blown away by their overpowering perfume? Well, Auric Blends Perfumes are not like that. Auric Blends Perfumes are oil based so they release their scent slowly for a soft understated scent experience unlike the more common alcohol based perfumes that evaporate quickly. The Auric Blends Perfume products are not overly expensive so they make a unique, quality gift that will not break the bank.

Another line of unique quality products that we have discovered are the line of hypoallergenic deodorants and moisturizers from Lavilin and Micro-Balanced Products. Natural products like Lavilin are also an alternative to those looking for hypoallergenic skin care products and hypoallergenic makeup products. Natural or organic products like Lavilin and Soap Rocks use natural ingredients, extracts and oils as the main body of their products.