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Auric Blends

Auric Blends Oil Based Perfume

The Auric Blends Perfume company makes its oil based perfumes using pure natural essential scent ingredients and vegetable oils. The key characteristic of Auric Blends oil-based perfume is that it does not flash an immediate overwhelming scent like you commonly experience with alcohol based perfumes using synthetic scent chemicals. Instead, oil based perfumes blend with the natural oils in your skin and release their scent more slowly. These oil based perfumes soak into your skin and release their scent slowly over many hours. Have you ever passed by someone and been blown away by their overpowering alcohol based perfume? Our oil-based perfumes are understated instead of overpowering; providing a tantalizing and intriguing hint of fragrance as you pass by instead of the big flash of scent you get from other alcohol based perfumes.

Temple Essence Solids

Temple Essence Perfume Solids are another choice in the lineup of subtle perfumes that soak into the skin so that they last and soothe. Temple Essence Perfumes combine natural essential oils with a base of beeswax and coconut oil packaged in beautiful hand-carved soapstone containers that make a beautiful gift you will be proud of.

An interesting bit of history is contained in the fact that he Latin word for perfume, “Par Fumum” means “through smoke” indicating that the first perfumes were probably derived from burning woods, leaves and resins as incense for their smells. Incense was probably first used primarily for rituals with religious and spiritual significance. The burning of incense is still used by many today for smudging, meditation and prayers.

Natural Oil Based Perfumes

Auric Blends is continuing in the fine tradition of fine perfumes with their natural oil based perfumes combining naturally occurring scents and ingredients from all over the world and from every culture to produce affordable yet elegant quality perfume.

Temple Essence Perfume Solids by Auric Blends
Pure coconut oil, beeswax and unique perfume blends combined in a hand-carved soapstone container creates a richly sensuous perfume solid.
Regular price :  $12.00
SALE PRICE :  $9.95
Auric Blends Roll-on Perfume Oils
Auric Blends Perfume Oils soak into the skin and have a delicate and understated scent.
Regular price :  $9.95
SALE PRICE :  $7.95
Auric Blends Naturals Perfume Made from Natural Ingredients
Auric Blends Naturals are 100% natural, made with essential oils and other natural and pure ingredients.