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Best White Noise Machines for Sale

As we head into the spring of 2014, our top rated and still best white noise machine for sale continues to be the highly popular USA Made SleepMate 980A renamed as the Dohm DS. Note again that the Sleepmate name is being discontinued to be replaced by the Dohm name but we will continue using both names since so many know and love this model by the Sleepmate name. The top rated Sleepmate 980A or Dohm DS, our best white noise machine, generates a simple fan or wind-like sound that has proven to aid sleeping without moving the air around. Have you experienced the effect of falling asleep to a soft mechanical hum such as that produced by a fan or air conditioner running in the background? Have you witnessed how babies tend to fall asleep better with a soft mechanical noise in their environment? If you have, then that serves as confirmation that the Sleepmate (newly renamed Dohm) is probably your best choice in a noise making device. The fan-like tone produced by the Dohm DS has been consistently rated as the best sleep inducing tone by an overwhelming majority of our customers. That, along with the fact that the Dohm is Made in the USA is why we make it our best white noise machine recommendation. Keep in mind that the Dohm is limited in that it only generates one kind of tone and can only produce that tone at a fairly low volume when compared with electronic white noise machines that can amplify their sounds through a speaker.
If you prefer more variety in the output produced or would like to have the option of higher volume then our second highest recommendation would be the Sound Oasis S-650 which we rate as the best of the electronic sound makers since it has a better speaker and higher fidelity sounds than comparable units.

Best Choice Among White Noise Machines - Dohm DS

Do you find that you tend to fall asleep better when it is raining outside or perhaps with a fan running in the background? You are experiencing the effect of white noise and its ability to help block annoying frequencies and induce better rest. While the Dohm DS generates only a single fan-like sleep inducing tone, it is a sound that has proven to be useful in aiding sleep with a large number of people. There are a large number of electronic models that produce a whole array of different restful sounds such as rain, waterfall, wind and ocean surf in addition to the fan-like sound produced by the Dohm. In our experience the noise makers made by Marpac and Sound Oasis tend to be best in quality of construction, tone and effectiveness.

The only true electronic white noise machine that generates its own sound is the Marpac TSC-330, which is quality made in the US. The TSC-330 generates an electronic tone that can be moderated with slider switches to approximate an ocean wave, rain or waterfall. We have found that an irregular audible frequency such as that produced by ocean waves can be particularly helpful in masking other irregular noises, such as snoring, that may be interfering with restful sleep. In my personal experience, the irregular nature of the ocean wave sound produced by the TSC-330 is effective at cancelling or masking the uneven pattern of snoring and other irregular sounds.

While most people seem to prefer the steady fan-like mechanical hum generated by the Sleepmate 980A Dohm DS, if you prefer nature sounds (like sounds of a summer night, trickling brooks or a lake shore), you should definitely check out the Marpac 1288A Nature Sound Machine which is my personal favorite because the sounds can be combined, composed and created by the user. The 1288A has an array of nice nature sounds over which you can overlay other sound effects, such as adding frogs and loons to the lake shore sounds. If you really love nature sounds, you should definitely check out the Marpac 1288 as well as the quality nature sounds of the Sound Oasis models.

Among the electronic digital tone generators that offer a nice value combination providing an assortment of good electronically generated sleep sounds along with a combination of low price and overall good quality we recommend the Sound Oasis S-550-05 which we rate as our Best Value in an Electronic Sound Machine. These models continue to perform well and have proven to be among the best tone makers with good value and lots of features. Update as of December 2013: We handle a lot of Sound Oasis models and get only a few returns or reported problems; this is another good indicator of the general overall performance and customer satisfaction of provided by Sound Oasis.
If you are interested in high quality truly top of the line digital electronic model with tons of advanced features based on the latest sleep science, we recommend the Sound Oasis S-3000 Deluxe advanced relaxation device. What really sets the S-3000 apart is its 3 superior speakers (including a sub woofer) which produce a noticeably better quality tonal quality than other digital white noise machines, plus it is loaded with tons of advanced sleep promoting features. The mid-range Sound Oasis S-650 Relaxation unit offers a large selection of quality sounds played through a very good speaker, a built in alarm clock and sound card technology including an optional sound card especially designed to help with tinnitus. Our return rate on Sound Oasis machines and particularly the Sound Oasis S-650 model has been exceptionally low indicating a high degree of general overall quality and customer satisfaction. Another ideal for those seeking help with snoring we suggest the ComfyRest anti-snoring facedown pillow in addition to the use of white noise machines as a possible solution. Sleeping face down has helped many control their snoring and apnea problems since it uses gravity to help open up the air passages.